WATCH | Interview: Joywave At X Games Austin 2015

Crave caught up with New York indie, electric rock band Joywave at X-Games 2015 in Austin, Texas this last weekend. While the band clearly has an affinity for skateboarding (must watch: their new video for ’Somebody New’), the true entertainment was hearing them talk about the action sports festival. “Are there scooter events? There’s not right?.. I was hoping there was.” No, Daniel Armbruster, there are not. 

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But you can hardly blame the group of five for not being well versed in all things extreme sports. After all, their focus is not on the ramp, but in the studio. With a new album just released in April 2015, How Do You Feel Now?, Armbruster says, “It’s nice that now people coming to shows have heard the songs”. But, funnily enough, even if you’ve never heard of Joywave, we’d bet you bopped your head to their collaboration with Big Data on last year’s summer clinger, “Dangerous”. Mind blown?

The Joywave sound consistently features thoughtful lyrics, a good base drum and electronic synths that will make you want to get up and dance. Or, since we we were in Austin, go kill that mega ramp. But these guys won’t be riding their skateboards, or scooters, downhill any time soon. Sounds like just making it to the top was enough to make them dizzy.

Or was that for another reason?