The Most Memorable X Games Moments Of All-Time

X Games Austin wrapped up on Sunday and provided no shortage of big names, big dreams, and mind-blowing tricks. It’s with a sense of nostalgia we now want to look back and admire the most memorable moments in X Games history … and in our case, in the “good, the bad, and the ugly,” format.

First …

The Good

Tony Hawk lands the first 900 (1999)

The most famous skater of all-time, Tony Hawk, finally landed the first 900, a move that had eluded him for several years. The move would propel Hawk to 1st place in the “Best Trick” category.

Travis Pastrana Double Backflip Moto X Best Trick (2006)

What can’t Travis Pastrana do? This guy’s motto has to be “No guts, no glory” because there is nothing this guy won’t try.

Pastrana became the first to land a double backflip in competition and won gold that day. It was so wild and extremely dangerous that Pastrana’s own mother had to look away. He’s out of his mind and a total legend.

Dave Mirra Double Backflip (2000)

Mirra is one of the sport’s most accomplished athletes and had absolutely dominated the competition for years. But he will always be most remembered for his double backflip in 2000 that blew the minds of everyone waiting and watching.

Shaun White battles PLG for the Gold in Skateboard Vert (2011)

The legendary Shaun White gave the fans something to remember when he battled rival Pierre-Luc Gagnon for the gold in 2011 before ultimately flexing his muscles and reminding everyone that… hey, he’s Shaun White.

Thomas Pagès seals victory with bike flip (2015)

Thomas Pagès brought a gunslinger mentality to Austin and took the gold in Moto X QuarterPipe with an incredible bike flip maneuver.

Colton Satterfield Double Flare (2015)

It took a lot to bump Kevin Robinson’s Double Flare in BMX Vert from 2006 off our list, but once you see what Satterfield did in Austin this year, you’ll understand.

Satterfield made BMX history when he hit a no-handed cork 7 over the gap, then landed an insane double flair on the quarterpipe.

Ryan Sheckler becomes youngest to win Gold 

At only 13-years old, Ryan Sheckler showed the skate world that he was a prodigy by dominating the competition and becoming the youngest to ever win Gold at the X Games.


The Bad

Colin McRae rolls a rally car (2006) 

Colin McRae is considered the best Rally car driver of all-time so if anyone could pull off the impossible, it’s him.

McRae rolled his car and destroyed it but was still able to finish his run and take 2nd place. That’s the stuff you see in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Danny Way’s infamous 2008 Big Air slam and comeback (2008) 

If you want to be inspired, look no further than Danny Way. After a thunderous slam during his first run on the Mega Ramp, Way appeared to be badly injured and forced out of the competition. But Way was no ordinary man. He came back and pulled off some incredible stunts, finishing all four runs and even grabbing a silver medal.


The Ugly

Jake Brown’s epic 50-feet fall (2007) 

Brown had the most disgusting and terrifying falls anyone could witness. The impact looked brutal and you feared for his life. However, Brown was a warrior. Despite suffering a fractured wrist, fractured vertebrae, a bruised liver, a bruised lung, a ruptured spleen and a concussion, he was still able to walk away.


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