Are We There Yet? – Make The Most Of The Lousy Loonie

Are We There Yet

OK, so the Canadian dollar hasn’t been doing so great. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on your US-bound travel plans. came up with the following tips to help offset a lousy loonie…

Popular cities with affordable accommodation- Some destinations are known for affordable hotels whether they offer a larger selection of economy hotels, or simply have enough hotels for rates to remain competitive. The latest Hotel Price Index shows that for $125 or less per night (on average), travellers can book five-star in Warsaw, four-star in Budapest or three-star in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Cities with the largest hotel price drops- If you’re looking for a more exotic locale and a deal, five cities in Thailand including the popular Chiang Mai, experienced decreases in daily accommodation prices upwards of 25 per cent in 2014 according to the latest HPI.

Grow your loyalty- Sign up for a travel loyalty program to earn free perks. The Welcome Rewards program from offers flexibility in the type of accommodation with over 100,000 hotels included and gives members one night for every 10 stayed.

Get complimentary meals- When booking your accommodation, choose a hotel with free breakfast to save on food costs. If booking through, there is a search filter to narrow down your options.

Extend your business trip- If you’re already travelling for your job, consider extending the trip to explore the local sights. You may have to add on a few nights accommodation, but at least your transport is covered.

Move thy body- Consider choosing a destination that is either pedestrian or cyclist-friendly. Not only will you save money on transportation as you explore, but it’ll help you stay fit on the road.

Free public attractions- Many cities have attractions that don’t come with a price tag, like Chicago and its impressive public art  (more than 700 pieces!), or Las Vegas where hotels are impressive sights with free entertainment and the casinos serve complimentary beverages.

Choose your travel day wisely- Expedia’s report, Preparing for Takeoff: Air Travel Trends for 2015, shows Tuesday is typically the most affordable day to book flights, followed by Sunday.

Book international flights early- If you’re going on an international trip, the same report shows booking flights 50 days in advance will result in the highest cost savings.

Fly from the U.S.- Consider crossing the U.S. border and flying from a nearby American city like Detroit, Buffalo or Seattle to save on flights.

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Jenn Cox is a Montreal-based freelance journalist. Visit her website or email her at [email protected].