Mortal Kombat X PC Version Not Working on Launch Day, Story Mode and Online Locked

Mortal Kombat X is suffering some sizable teething problems with its PC launch, with many being unable to access a variety of the game’s modes.

Making use of a new Steam feature which allows games to be played whilst they’re installing, upon the initial install of the game players must then download a further 29 packs. However, after these packs have all downloaded many players (including myself) found that a number of the game’s modes, including its story mode, tower and online multiplayer component, were locked and inaccessible.

With players left stumped for over 10 hours following the game’s midnight launch, NetherRealm Studios’ Ed Boon finally sent out a tweet acknowledging the problems with the PC version of the game, writing: “Mortal Kombat X PC owners. We are actively working on resolving any issues you may be experiencing with the game. Thanks for the feedback.”

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At the time of this writing the modes are still locked, with NetherRealm posting an update to the game’s Steam announcements page, reading: “We are aware of download issues with the game and working closely with Steam to resolve the problem. We will provide an update as soon as possible.”

The issue could potentially be due to NetherRealm utilizing the new feature, or it could be due to a separate issue entirely. All we know for certain right now is that hours after its release, most of the game is still completely inaccessible. While some players are reporting that they have managed to now access all of the game’s modes, many are still claiming that after they have done so, the game still suffers from spontaneous crashes to desktop, and a number of characters being unplayable.

We hope this issue is rectified sooner rather than later, and we can all play the game that we paid for at some point this week.