Mortal Kombat X Day One Update Makes Gold Harder to Get in Order to Boost Paid DLC Sales


A day one update to Mortal Kombat X has made in-game gold, the currency used to obtain locked items in the Krypt, rarer to obtain, leading to accusations that the patch has been released in order to encourage sales of paid DLC.

The latest entry in the fighting game series features DLC that allows players to unlock every item in the Krypt, which is available to download from the Xbox marketplace/PSN for $19.99. However, those who received early copies of the game could easily overlook this DLC as gold was easily obtainable, therefore meaning that the DLC would only act as an accelerator for the very impatient. With gold now making Krypt items, which include new Fatalities, costumes and concept at, harder to obtain, many are complaining that Mortal Kombat X‘s day one update is a thinly veiled attempt on behalf of publisher Warner Bros. and developer NetherRealm Studios to drive more sales of the paid DLC.

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What makes this update even more suspicious is that it has been released after reviewers have been given their copies of the game to rate, therefore meaning that many reviews won’t mention this new change to Mortal Kombat X‘s gold system. It has been suggested that NetherRealm/Warner Bros. may have held off on releasing the update so that reviewers could easily access all facets of the game prior to its release, only to significantly reduce the amount of gold the game dishes out when it reached its full retail release.

In a post on Reddit, a user notes how the game’s difficulty has also been increased, and how completing certain boss fights now only rewards the player with 200 gold rather than the 2,500 gold that could be earned prior to the update.


The ridiculous ‘Easy Fatalities’ pack, as it appears on the PlayStation Store.

Another controversial DLC release is the game’s ’30 Easy Fatalities’ pack,’ which allows players to perform the game’s Fatality finishing moves with a simple button input. This pack is being sold a consumable, meaning that once you have used 30 “easy” Fatalities, they will no longer be accessible.

While both the Krypt accelerator DLC and the Easy Fatalities Pack are ultimately inconsequential to the gameplay, with players able to unlock every in-game item and perform Fatalities without being forced to fork over extra cash, it’s still disheartening to see WB/NetherRealm seemingly altering the main game in order to drive sales of DLC, considering that Mortal Kombat X is a full retail release.