Don’t Compare Batman Arkham Knight Combat to Shadow of Mordor’s

I can handle the comparisons between heists in GTA Online and those in Payday 2, even though heists in the latter are clearly, inarguably better. I can rolls my eyes and bite my tongue when people say that League of Legends and Dota 2 are basically the same game. But every ounce of self-control I have cannot quiet my protests when someone compares the combat in any of the Batman Arkham games to that of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

I was able to stumble through this asinine comparison when Shadow of Mordor came out, but these talks are back with a vengeance now that Batman: Arkham Knight is in the near future, and it needs to stop.

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I get it: they have similarities, in that they have a button to attack and a button to counter an attack, prompted by an on-screen indicator. They even have finishing moves that you can unlock by getting a high (pfft) combo multiplier. Beyond that, the skill floor in Arkham combat starts at Shadow of Mordor’s skill ceiling, and people need to learn the truth before Batman: Arkham Knight comes out and reviewers start talking about how Shadow of Mordor “ruined it” for them, or some other crap like that.

Let’s cut the generalizing, and get right down to it. Here are four things Shadow of Mordor does with its combat that make it inherently inferior to Arkham.