Everything That Was Wrong with Batman: Arkham Knight


The immensely positive reaction to Batman: Arkham Knight has left me a little bewildered. After completing the game a few days ago, I came away from the experience being overwhelmingly disappointed with what I had just played, considering that it was the concluding chapter of an otherwise fantastic series from Rocksteady.

Warning: Major spoilers lie ahead!

While there were a good number of things for a Batman fan such as myself to enjoy in Arkham Knight’s sprawling open-world, from its loving recreation of the foreboding Gotham City to its clever implementation of the Joker and its wonderful ‘Knightfall’ conclusion, throughout its duration I found myself being less entertained and more frustrated by the plentiful amount of missteps made by Rocksteady in the handling of their final foray into the Batman universe. Evidently many don’t share that same opinion, and its high review scores indicate that many found much more to love about the game than I did, but I am of the firm belief that after the dust has settled we won’t look upon Arkham Knight as fondly as many do now.

Here’s everything that was wrong with Batman: Arkham Knight: