New Trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight Shows Sinister Plot, Darker Tone

With the news that Batman: Arkham Knight would be rated M for mature by the ESRB, for the first time in the series, indications were that the Caped Crusader would be going through a much darker series of events than in past games. With this new trailer, Arkham Knight delivers on that expectation.

Points to Consider from the Trailer

Scarecrow’s face isn’t the only thing that got messed up in Arkham Asylum.

While the Scarecrow levels were a standout in Asylum, the man himself was never a serious threat, or even a scary one. Scarecrow in the mean time has only become crazier. This trailer alone is more terrifying than any on-screen portrayal of the gaseous maniac.

Arkham Knight is working with (and possibly for) Scarecrow

While Poison Ivy is revealing to Batman Scarecrow’s plan to kill the masked vigilante, the mysterious new villain The Arkham Knight is seen walking behind Scarecrow during this supposed meeting. Whiles this could mean he was simply there, he does seem to be a direct subordinate.

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The Legacy of Batman is at Stake

Scarecrow is fighting not just to kill Batman, but to make sure no one remembers him for anything more than a failed attempt to save a few innocent lives. The line “that’s how little the safety you provided was worth,” strikes at Batman’s worst fear.

One thing is for sure: that M rating is not going to waste.