Dying Light Boasts More Than 1 Million Unique Players

Not even a week after Dying Light released, Techland already has something to celebrate.

Techland should be thanking their lucky stars given the circumstances of its release. The delay of physical copies in almost every region put a huge strain on Dying Light‘s potential for success, but the game seems to have come out on the other end relatively unscathed.

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It helps that Dying Light itself was loads of fun, showing that Techland came through on their half of the deal with publisher Warner Bros. Interactive. Dying Light opened up to mostly positive reviews, noting the depth of the freerunning mechanic and the fun of zombie-killing as high-points. 

Though some consider Dying Light to still be a work in progress, with suspect PC optimization, in addition to a few isolated instances of game breaking bugs. Techland is still miles ahead of where they were at this point in Dead Island‘s release, and everyone has the feeling that this is what they wanted Dead Island to be, if not for the creative differences with then-publisher Deep Silver. We’ll see who has the last laugh.


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