Dishonored 2 Reportedly Suffers From Major Performance Issues on PC

Dishonored 2 reportedly suffers from some major performance issues on PC, with its frame rate dipping considerably below the 30 fps mark according to an early owner of the game.

According to NeoGAF user Dmax3901, who received a review copy from Bethesda a day before the game’s launch in Australia in accordance with the publisher’s divisive new reviews policy, the game was unable to maintain 60 fps at 1440p with his PC setup, despite it being capable of doing so. However, even after compromising with a 1080p resolution, Dmax3901 claimed that the game would still dip below 60 fps, reaching lows of 13 fps.

The player claimed that after experiencing these sharp drops, he turned all of his graphics settings down to Very Low, though the frame rate dips still persisted. “While the art style is just as gorgeous as its predecessor, Dmax3901 writes, “the visuals don’t seem like they should be all that demanding.”

Here’s a screenshot Dmax took of the game when it was running at 13 fps. Note how the lighting and the textures of the game have been toned down considerably, yet according to the FRAPs counter in the top-left corner it’s still struggling to run at a decent frame rate.


Credit: Dmax3901

Dmax notes that his frame rate issues continued in “particularly open areas” of the game, and that the problems continued even after he did a clean uninstall and installed the AMD drivers Bethesda specifically recommends for the game.


Credit: Dmax3901

This report comes just days after another Bethesda controversy, when many owners of the Skyrim Special Edition noted how the game was suffering from similar unfortunate performance issues. Though its most crippling issues have now seemingly been rectified, at launch many complained that the game would frequently crash and that its frame rate would grind to a halt.

Considering that the remaster was launched not long after Bethesda’s revelation that they would no longer be handing out review copies to outlets, many eyebrows were inevitably raised, with people questioning whether Bethesda had made the change to its review policy as a result of its upcoming releases suffering with debilitating performance problems, too. If this early report is to be believed, then it seems that PC owners of Dishonored 2 could struggle with similar performance problems at launch.