Need For Speed Payback Release Date, Gameplay Trailer and More

Need For Speed Payback‘s release date, gameplay trailer and more have been revealed at the EA Play conference during the first day of E3 2017, offering plenty of new information regarding developer Ghost Games’s upcoming racer.

Here’s what we know about the game so far:

What is Need For Speed Payback?

Need For Speed Payback is the latest release in the veteran racing game franchise, developed by Ghost Games and published by EA. The game takes its cues from The Fast and the Furious film series, with its debut gameplay trailer featuring breakneck, high-speed chases and plenty of explosive action set-pieces. With it seemingly putting an emphasis upon metal-crunching car crashes, fans of the forgotten Burnout series will want to pay attention to this one.


Need For Speed Payback story

“Set in the underworld of Fortune Valley, players will drive as three distinct characters reunited by a quest for vengeance against The House, a nefarious cartel that rules the city’s casinos, criminals and cops. They will take on a variety of challenges and events as Tyler, the Racer; Mac, the Showman; and Jess, the Wheelman to earn the respect of the underground.”

Need For Speed Payback release date

Need For Speed Payback will be released on November 10, 2017,

Need For Speed Payback Trailer

The first gameplay trailer for the game can be viewed below:


What platforms will Need For Speed Payback be released on?

Need For Speed Payback will launch on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Need For Speed Payback reveal trailer

Watch the reveal trailer that was released prior to E3 2017 below:

EA Access

Need For Speed Payback will launch on EA Access nine days ahead of its launch on Xbox One and PC.