Sundance Highlights with William Bibbiani & Alonso Duralde


William Bibbiani from CraveOnline and Alonso Duralde from The Wrap are at it again! You know them from their film and television reviews on What the Flick?!, you listened to their episode of the Linoleum Knife Podcast, and now they’re cozying up in front of a fire at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, in matching black sweaters. Because they know what you like.

But do you know what Bibbs and Alonso like? You’re about to. They’re here to present their six favorite films from Sundance 2015, including challenging documentaries, raunchy comedies, controversial dramas and feel-good flicks. Alonso loved the exposé of masculinity The Mask You Live In, Bibbs adored Ten Thousand SaintsThe End of the Tour and Last Days in the Desert, both of your hosts thought Best of Enemies and Sleeping with Other People were awesome. You’ll find out why in their Sundance highlights video above.


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