List Of The 100 Best Disney Movies Ever Made

When we think of Disney, we think of a giant corporation that is slowly gobbling up all the meaningful intellectual properties in existence, steadily preparing the stage for total world domination. But we also think of wonderful motion pictures, the best Disney movies, all of them seemingly designed to inspire awe and “aw” in equal measure, stunning audiences with unique imagery and (mostly) wholesome tales of unassailable values. Many a family has bonded while watching the imagination of Walt Disney and the legions of animators and live-action filmmakers who now follow in his footsteps, and whatever their plans for the planet Earth when they are through with it, it’s good to take a moment now and then to appreciate all the good Disney movies they have done so far.

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And so, with the release of Tomorrowland on the horizon, CraveOnline presents our picks for The 50 Best Disney Movies Ever Made, selected by our staff critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold, the co-hosts of The B-Movies Podcast, and guest critics Alonso Duralde (The Wrap) and Dave White (, the co-hosts of the Linoleum Knife Podcast. Each critic was allowed to nominate 50 films, ranked from 1-50, and their votes were tabulated (1 point for their #50 pick, 50 points for their #1) to bring you the followed ranked list of classic Disney movies. Only films bearing the “Disney” banner were eligible; to fans of Studio Ghibli and Marvel Studios, we apologize.

So take a look at the 50 best Disney movies of yesterday, followed by our 50 runners-up, and let us know which of your favorite Disney films made the list, and which ones we should all be drawn and quartered for leaving out!

The 100 Best Disney Movies List:


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