Why Clip When You Can Klhip?


But assuming you’re just a regular dude, you’re going to turn off everyone if you neglect to clip your nails. Don’t think for a second you’re exempt from this because you gnaw on your nails and bite your cuticles. That’s just not okay, Mr. Anxiety. You need to groom your nails like a real man.

So just how do you nail down the right clippers for your claws? Well, you could do some research and break down the science behind the blade you’re buying. But that would be insane.

So instead, you should just trust us. We put some nail clippers to the test and here’s what we found: If you use your nail clippers every couple weeks, you’ll notice the blade quickly becomes duller than an interview with Mila Kunis. So you have to go bigger, better and thicker when it comes to your nail clipper. And missionary style is a must.

We’re talking about the Klhip Ultimate Clipper. This surgical-grade stainless steel wonder is just the right size to whip your haggard nails into shape. The forward-facing lever – on top mind you – features a super-cool ergonomic design that actually makes the clippers stay put when you press. It also gives you the perfect amount of bounce in a blade. Who knew, right?

This is definitely the nail clipper that gives back to the ones you love. Because if clipping your nails in the kitchen or in bed is your deal, you can now totally do that without any harassment about the gross remains. The built-in cavity captures those little clippings so that no one has to hate you.

Plus, it has its own stylish home. Something this awesome can’t be thrown in your car console or made to live next to your toothbrush. Klhip tucks nicely into a beautiful handmade leather case.

Oh, and there’s a reason it’s so elegantly spelled. You’d never spend $75 on The Clip. But the Klhip? Oh, yes.