In Memoriam: The Filmmakers We Lost in 2014

Aladdin Robin Williams


Every year brings with it something new and wonderful… many things, if we are lucky. But every year something is also taken away. The long, and sometimes not so long lives of the people who have changed the world in some small way are extinguished, leaving behind many who will never forget the impact the dearly departed had on our lives.

For some, the pain is all too personal. The families and friends of the filmmakers we lost in 2014 are no doubt grieving in a very intimate, human way, and we can only imagine their heartache. But for many, the loss is still very tangible: although many of us never met the storytellers who passed away this year, we feel as though we knew them. Their performances and their films were as real to us as anyone we’ve ever met. We grew up with their stories, we lived alongside their triumphs and failures. When they achieved greatness, we all felt great. When they tapped into something undeniably human, they reached out and held us one by one. 

By telling their stories, by becoming their characters, by producing these dreams we call movies, they changed the world. They exposed us to new ideas, new points of view, and made us feel what they felt, thought what they thought, and expanded our horizons.

CraveOnline bids a heartfelt farewell to the many filmmakers – actors, directors, producers et al – whom we lost in 2014. 


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