Alexander Wang’s Denim Ads Deemed “Too Sexy” [NSFW]


Speaking of the ads for his new denim line, designer Alexander Wang said: “Once you see it, you can’t stop thinking about it. I wanted to provoke.” Well he certainly achieved that, as would be expected when said advertisements feature a woman simulating masturbation.

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The truth is that the new denim line doesn’t really focus upon the denim jeans whatsoever, instead putting the emphasis upon a topless woman with her hands down her knickers. So if women are looking for a pair of jeans that are built for the prolific masturbator, then Wang’s got the perfect pair of pants for you!

Seriously though, how on Earth are women supposed to deduce the quality of these jeans by looking at these ads? They’re not even pulled up above the model’s knees. Unless it was targeted towards women who are most concerned with how pants look on their calves, we just don’t see the relevance of this ad. This is probably why we don’t work in marketing.


Inevitably, there have been complaints about the ads, which make the very obvious claim that they aren’t really about the jeans at all, but rather the scantily-clad model wearing them. However, we have a more pertinent issue – why is there an armchair in the same room as a bathtub? Who designed that room?