Exclusive Preview: Batman Eternal # 35

For most of Batman Eternal, it seemed like Hush was the man pulling the strings. But now that Batman has taken down Hush, it appears that the true mastermind behind the destruction of Gotham City and Batman is someone else entirely. And Batman has even been targeted as Bruce Wayne.

The U.S. government has seized Wayne’s assets and the Wayne family mansion; which is going to be the new Arkham Asylum. They’d probably repossess the Batmobile if they could get to it. But the short version is that Bruce Wayne’s fortune is gone.

In this exclusive preview from Batman Eternal # 35, Bruce gets an indication of just how bad his new status quo really is. Meanwhile, Julia Pennyworth demonstrates her displeasure with Hush, their new captive in the Batcave.







Although the opening page and cover hint that the Batmobile has been sabotaged, the solicits for Batman Eternal # 35 make it sound like this is just the beginning of Batman’s problems. “The third act begins with a bang, as Gotham City’s police have done the impossible – they’ve beaten Batman!”

Batman Eternal # 35 will be released this Wednesday, December 3 as the writing team of James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins and Tim Seeley take down the Bat with artist Fernando Blanco.