Ubisoft Live Updates Blog Addresses Persistent Far Cry 4 Launch Issues

Far Cry 4 has launched to critical acclaim, but it is not without issues shortly after being made available to the public.

Around 2,000 comments on Ubisoft’s Live Update blog speak to issues like corrupted game data on PlayStation 3, pre-order codes for “Blood Ruby bonus mission not working or even received, and there are also reports of PC gamers getting black-screen game crashes.

It seems the gaming community is doing its best to let Ubisoft know what needs to fixed, and that they need to take care of it ASAP. Far Cry 4 joins a very, very long list of games that release with immediate issues plaguing them. 

What game are you essentially looking forward to beta-testing next? Or is that question too forward?

Thanks to Crave’s Game Revolution for the story.