Who is Molly Shattuck?

In an extreme series of unfortunate unrelated events, the city of Baltimore finds itself mired in yet another controversy.

Molly Shattuck is a 47-year-old former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader who made history in 2005 by becoming the league’s oldest cheerleader at 38-years-old. She has three children and is divorcee to a multi-millionaire. She’s a philanthropist and author. She’s also, now, an accused child molester. 

You can read all the details on the story at The Baltimore Sun. But in a nut shell, Shattuck was arrested and released on bail Wednesday after it was deemed she allegedly had oral intercourse — among other things — with a 15-year-old boy she met on Instagram.

The picture you see above accompanying her cheerleader photo is that of her mugshot released from Delaware State Police. The victim is the same age as one of her sons. 

Much of her social media has been taken down and/or deleted. However, here are the pictures we’ve been able to uncover thus far.

First, this ‘Profile,’ highlighting her “healthy living.”

And shots from social media:

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.


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