10 Superheroes We Want To See on ‘The Flash’

Tap into the speed force with The Flash!

The CW’s spinoff from “Arrow” has been one of the fall’s biggest hits, thanks in part to Grant Gustin’s performance as Barry Allen, the fastest man alive. Not to mention a terrific supporting cast, great effects and stories that have managed to be fun and intriguing without mimicking the tone of “Arrow.”  

Between “The Flash” and “Arrow”, we’re probably going to see numerous crossover and guest appearances from other superheroes and supervillains. Vibe and Firestorm have already appeared in their civilian identities, so who else might we see?

Here are ten superheroes we’d like to see make an appearance on “The Flash.” Judging by its reception so far, “The Flash” is going to have a long run, which will hopefully allow the creative team to make our dream team ups happen down the line.


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