The 11 Toughest Movie Mazes

Mazes are hard enough without mean-spirited designers screwing with them. Seriously, building a labyrinth is bad enough, but did you have to put a minotaur in it? That’s just playing dirty. But playing dirty is fair game for filmmakers, who have repeatedly built movie mazes that are just as difficult as they are deadly, or at the very least have moving walls just to screw with the hapless protagonists trapped within them.

The latest in a long line of movie mazes, The Maze Runner, is all about the mystery of its labyrinth: a towering and confusing series of walls which move at night and harbor vicious monsters called “Grievers” that terrorize the teenaged inhabitants living in the center. Why are they here? What’s the deal with that freaking maze anyway?

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The answers, sadly, are laughable, but the maze itself is a real thrill and it made all of us here at CraveOnline want to look back at the history of movie mazes. Not just any old mazes though: the toughest movie mazes in the history of the cinematic medium. (Sorry William Cameron Menzies, but The Maze just wasn’t difficult enough to qualify.)

So grab your bread crumbs or magical ball of twine and delve into the perilous twists and turns of the most dastardly labyrinths that filmmakers have ever devised. You might like what you find… but you may lose your sanity in the process.

Slideshow: The 11 Toughest Movie Mazes

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