First Look: Superior Spider-Man # 33

The Edge of Spider-Verse is here. And the return of Morlun is imminent.

You can all thank Peter Parker for letting Silk aka the Spider-Bride out of her cage. Now that Morlun is on the loose, nothing can stop him.

In the run up to Spider-Verse, the time lost Doctor Octopus in Peter Parker’s body aka The Superior Spider-Man is the only one who is ready for the threat of Morlun. He’s already assembled an army of Spider-Men including Assassin Spider-Man, Spider-Man India, Six-Armed Spider-Man, the Spider-Girl from Old Man Logan, Spider-Monkey and Spider-Man Noir.

But in this new preview from Superior Spider-Man # 33 (via Newsarama), the Spider-Army isn’t nearly enough to defeat Karn, the masked assassin who has been killing Spider-Men across the multiverse. Has the Superior Spider-Man led his allies into a deadly trap?

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Christos Gage and Dan Slott continue their “Superior” comeback alongside artist Giuseppe Camuncoli in Superior Spider-Man # 33, which is coming to comic stores on Wednesday, September 17.


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