5 Reasons Lying During Small Talk Is the Right Move

In part one of this article, we said the best way to keep small talk from nose-diving into boredom was to make up fun and creative lies, instead of giving the actual answers. And if you gave it try, you saw this for yourself. Instead of becoming robotic and boring, it actually becomes fun and exciting.

So why does this work? Here are 5 reasons why:

1. It shocks her out of the pattern of asking the same old questions—and hearing the same old answers.

For years she’s been throwing these questions at guys, and getting the same boring answers. She may get an exciting, interesting answer here and there, but overall, she has expectations of what the answer will be like. Your fun lie is so different, unique and unexpected, that is shocks her out of this pattern, leading to the second reason it works.

2. It differentiates you from every other guy she’s been on a date with lately.

There’s probably a reason she’s not with the guys she’s dated before, and if you answer just like them, you’ll be lumped into the same boring, undesirable category as them. Be clever, and you can set yourself apart, and be the exciting, unpredictable guy she’s been looking for all these years.

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3. You seize control of the conversation.

When she starts asking questions and you dutifully answer, it becomes a lead-follow situation, with her leading you like you’re her loyal man puppy. Now puppies are cute and all, but they’re not sexy—and you want sexy. Answering her with a creative lie allows you to seize control of the conversation, steering it where you want it to go, with several compelling and fun options for follow up questions—rather than a convo-killing, one word, dead-end answer.

4. It’s the perfect Crap Test.

You’d be surprised how much you can tell about a woman based on her reaction to your lie—and find out if she’s for you before dessert drops. When you hit her with a creative lie during small talk, you’ll typically get one of 3 responses:

  • She’ll look at you quizzically, like a dog that just heard a strange noise, and say “What do you mean ‘parallel universe,’ I don’t get it…”
  • She’ll jump into Bitch Mode and verbally castrate you for lying to her or being obnoxious, or
  • She’ll get it, go along with the lie, build on your premise and have fun with it.

Guess which one you’ll want to see again, and which two you should run from.

5. You can turn the conversation sexy without being a douche bag or creepy.

The main date killer, besides sheer boredom, is being relegated to the Friend Zone. This is where she puts you when she decides you’re a “nice” guy who gives the polite answers, the guy she has zero sexual chemistry with, period.

Small talk is the perfect time to keep the conversation fun and flirty—and when you’re not caging yourself into giving straight, safe answers, you have the freedom to roam over the line into sexy talk. Not creepy, I-wanna-sniff-your-bicycle-seat talk, but just enough to let her know you think of her as an attractive, sexual woman. Too many guys are afraid of that, and keep it safe. That’s an instant ticket to the Friend Zone. She wants to know she’s desirable to you, and by working that into your lies, you can send the right signal, while warding off the boredom.


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