MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger Uses Psychic Powers To Predict Home Run Just Seconds Later

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Sometimes an announcer or host of a show will get lucky and make a good call or prediction.

Then other times, it gets a little creepy. MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger predicted a walk-off homer by San Francisco Giants’ Buster Posey in the bottom of the ninth inning versus the Colorado Rockies. A matter of seconds later, Amsinger was…a little excited, shall we say. Check out the video below:

I’m sure many of us can relate to something like this. When was the last time you were watching a game with friends and someone made a solid prediction or a good call? Personally, I’ve had friends, on multiple occasions, predict the exact score of the Super Bowl. Normally it doesn’t last though, because if you remained psychic in the world of sports forever, why bother watching?


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