Football Recipes: How To Eat Like A Man This NFL Season

For diehard National Football League fans and hardcore fantasy football players, there is really nothing better than Sundays during the NFL season. On the east coast games kickoff during lunchtime while west coasters can wake up and get their morning started by flipping on the day’s first slate of games.

No matter what time fans start tuning in to watch, food is going to be involved. What they are eating (and drinking) may depend on the time of day and what went down on Saturday night, but the gridiron and gorging usually seem to go together quite nicely.

If you’re looking for some inspiration about what you might want to create or somehow find a way to get your hands, here are some over-the-top foods that are being served around the country. These dishes cover the most important food groups and are sure to be huge scores even if not served up exactly as described.



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