The Top 20 Comic Book Cosplayers of Comic-Con 2014

Comic book conventions have become a showcase for costume makers to demonstrate their talents in front of a like-minded crowd.

At almost any comic convention, you’ll see dozens or even hundreds of fans in costume as their favorite characters. At San Diego Comic-Con International, there were hundreds or even thousands of people in costume. And some of them were truly impressive.

What fans don’t always realize is that cosplay is an art unto itself. It takes incredible skills to make these costumes, but it’s not just the costume that makes it work. It’s also picking the right character to portray. The very best cosplayers manage to let that fictional persona come out through their performance while wearing the costume. In a way, it’s like alchemy. Not every combination of costume and cosplayer is going to come together. But when it does, it can be breathtaking.

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CraveOnline’s Dan Oravasaari spent five days in San Diego as he took pictures of the most interesting and the most stunning cosplayers in action. We’ve looked through hundreds of Dan’s photos to assemble this list of our favorite comic book inspired cosplayers from Comic-Con 2014.

But this is by no means a definitive list! We’re only going by Dan’s photos, so if there’s a particularly great comic book inspired cosplay that we missed, feel free to let us know in the comment section below!