The Top 25 Movie Cosplayers of Comic-Con 2014

We’d love to go back in time and witness the very first cosplayer. Can you imagine it? Before the days when fandom was a socially acceptable lifestyle, someone said to themselves, “Self, I’m going to dress up as my favorite character from a movie, TV series or comic book and walk around in a public place.” You gotta admire that person’s bravery. But the best part is, they showed up dressed like a Vulcan or Spider-Man or whomever it was, and people saw them and thought, “That person is a genius,” and followed along. And now, cosplay is all part of the fun of geeky conventions. It’s hard to look sideways without catching a glimpse of someone who put a lot of time, effort and thought into the perfect cosplay for that year. And it’s hard not to appreciate all the hard work on the part of the wonderful cosplayers at an event like Comic-Con.

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Obviously, there were cosplayers of every variety, but we’re the CraveOnline Film Channel, dang it, so we write about the movies. So here are some of the best movie cosplayers we saw at Comic-Con 2014. Maybe they had a great idea, maybe they just sold their costume well, maybe we just thought they looked like they were having so much fun that they epitomized the very idea of cosplaying. But these were the ones we liked the most… and were able to get a photograph of; because seriously, there’s hundreds if not thousands of these intrepid cosplayers.

Slideshow: The Top 25 Movie Cosplayers of Comic-Con 2014

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