Countdown to Comic-Con 2016 | The Top Five Movie Panels

You may have heard that some of the bigger movie studios are sitting out Comic-Con 2016, and that’s true: 20th Century Fox isn’t bringing any X-Men movies, and there doesn’t seem to be anything involving Star Wars going on in Hall H this time around. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of exciting events that await you at Comic-Con 2016. In fact, there are so danged many we had to make a video just to keep them straight!

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Yes, Crave’s Countdown to Comic-Con continues and today we’re taking a look at the top five movie panels you absolutely can’t miss at Comic-Con 2016. We’ve got once-in-a-lifetime reunions, superhero movies, world premieres and much, much more. So take a look at what our film critic William Bibbiani has prepared for you in the following, exclusive video, and keep coming back to Crave for more exclusive, ongoing coverage of Comic-Con 2016!

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