Comic-Con 2014: Danielle Panabaker of ‘The Flash’


Danielle Panabaker is playing Dr. Caitlin Snow on the CW’s new superhero series The Flash, and she plays an important role in helping Barry Allen figure out his new super speed powers. We talked to her at San Diego Comic-Con, which is her very first time at the biggest nerd party of the year.

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 Panabaker’s Dr. Snow has pulled double duty on Arrow as well as The Flash, and she’s important because eagle-eyed comics fans will recognize her character’s name as the alter ego of Killer Frost, who gets crazy ice powers and turns to a life of crime. This show may take her in a different direction, though, as she’s a part of the Flash’s egghead support team. But who knows what could happen down the line, once the series gets its legs?

The Flash debuts on the CW on October 7.


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