Comic-Con 2017 | ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Trailer Sends Humans on the Run

The future of sin is out, but revolution is in! Robert Ford promised that his new narrative would change Westworld forever, and he meant it! But instead of indulging humanity’s every dark fantasy, the park has been transformed into an engine of vengeance. The androids are rising, and they’re not exactly pleased with their human masters.

At Comic-Con International, HBO debuted the first teaser trailer for Westworld season 2, which finds the leading lady, Dolores, actively hunting down humans alongside her fellow androids. Of course, there is an open question about how much of Dolores is left after she was programmed to kick off the slaughter in the season finale. There are familiar faces throughout the trailer, but the most significant is William a.k.a. the Man in Black. For better or worse, this is what he wanted. And that smile is haunting…

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Note that Bernard is still behaving as if he is a human, and his true nature appears to remain a secret from Stubs in the new footage. It also appears that the slaughter has gone beyond the scope of the park, as Maeve makes her way through the compound. As established in the season finale, there is at least one other theme park – Samurai World – although we would guess that there may be many more. How far will this revolution spread? And will anyone be left to tell the tale?

Westworld will return for its second season on HBO in 2018.

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Photo Credit: HBO