Comic-Con 2014: 10 Must-Have Exclusives for Movie Lovers

There’s all sorts of reasons to go to Comic-Con. You can meet your favorite comic book artists, watch previews of upcoming movies, join hands with your fellow geeks in a grand gesture of worldwide unity, and you can also buy stuff. You can buy lots of stuff. Back issues, rare films, action figures, clothing, statues, you name it. And the big incentive for those of you attending this and every other year are the exclusives. Products that can only be purchased at Comic-Con, or immediately afterwards on eBay, at an enormously inflated price.

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There are hundreds of Comic-Con 2014 Exclusives, but we’re the Film Channel. We’re going for the love of movies. So we’re mostly looking for all the great Comic-Con 2014 Exclusives that tie into classic old films and upcoming, exciting new ones. Fortunately, this year provides. If you need to narrow down your focus and find out exactly which Comic-Con 2014 Exclusives you need to put on your shopping list – whether you want to cherish them forever or simply resell them – we’ve got you covered. This is CraveOnline‘s list of 10 Must-Have Comic-Con 2014 Exclusives for Movie Lovers!

Slideshow: 10 Must-Have Comic-Con 2014 Exclusives for Movie Lovers

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