You Can Cop These Monster-Inspired Sneakers Only At San Diego Comic-Con

Photos: Instagram @super7sandiego

Comic-Con 2018 is officially underway in sunny San Diego. It’s the time of year when nerds like myself get decked out in their best cosplay, hoping to see celebrity panels, score autographs, pick up some merchandise and basically geek out to all things we love about comic books, shows and movies. So much nerdgasm, y’all.

If you’ve been there before then you know Comic-Con is an intense session of foot patrol while trying to hit up every section, not to mention the notoriously long lines that stretch nearly as far as my passionate love for Star Wars. Luckily there’s a company out there that’ll have something cozy for your feet by the time you walk to the front of their line.

A company named Super7 is not only appealing to its base of toy, comic and movie enthusiasts, but also sneakerheads. They took the monsters of classic Universal movies (i.e. Frankenstein, Wolf Man, etc.) and collaborated with Saucony using their Jazz Original model as a base with themes inspired by the films’ monsters. Dracula running shoes: they suck… your blood. Yeah? OK, sorry.

The monster line of sneakers is just the latest effort by Super7 to make cool stuff we might have wanted but no one ever made. That’s kind of what they do — make products they wanted to play with and/or wear because no one else did. Wish I had thought of that.

Here’s the kicker, though — the sneakers are a SUPER limited edition. You can only cop these things from Comic-Con at the Universal Monsters Boodega Monstore, which is a pop-up shop they’re setting up for the weekend’s festivities.

Each pair is selling for $95 and is limited to 12 pairs per style. The sizes go from 7 up to 13, so if your foot is the size of Frankenstein’s monster, you’re SOL.

Best of luck copping these, my fellow sneaker nerds.


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