10 Questions With Ryan Dungey

ryan dungey

Ryan Dungey is one of the busiest athletes on two wheels.

When he’s not battling some of motocross’ best in front of sold-out stadiums, he’s either working with Red Bull to push the sport he loves, or donating his time to charity. This year is shaping up to be no different for the 24-year-old, who finished second in the 2014 Supercross standings and has already earned two victories through the first seven events of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross season.

Earlier this week, Dungey gave us a preview into the latest the next big thing in moto – Red Bull Straight Rhythm, a “March Madness” type head-to-head tournament inspired by the 1980s hit motocross arcade game Excitebike. The sport’s best riders will compete in a half-mile series of doubles, triples, whoops and more. But we’ll have much more on that as the October 4 event gets closer.

Before we let No. 5 go, we barraged him with random questions, most of which were off the top of our head, to learn a little bit more about Dungey, besides what we see once a week in the dirt.

CraveOnline: What’s your favorite movie?

Ryan Dungey: Days of Thunder.

Crave: Sweet or salty?

Dungey: Probably salty, no, no, no – sweet, for sure, sweet.

Crave: What superhero would you most like to be?

Dungey: The Hulk

Crave: What is your favorite video game?

Dungey: Motocross vs. ATV – MX vs. ATV.

Crave: Beach or mountains?

Dungey: Beach.

Crave: What is your favorite vacation spot?

Dungey: Destin, Florida – I’ve never been outside of the United States like, I don’t know, anybody.

Crave: What is your favorite sport to watch, besides motocross of course?

Dungey: That would probably have to be Formula 1.

Crave: Breakfast or dinner?

Dungey: Breakfast.

Crave: What would be your dream job if you weren’t a motocross superstar?

Dungey: [Pauses] Racecar driver.

Crave: What is your favorite sports venue in general, either to watch or to compete?

Dungey: I’ll say the new Minnesota Twins stadium – Target Field.

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Photo courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool.