NHL Releases Intense Stanley Cup Final Preview


For the New York Rangers, it’s been 20 years since their last trip to the Stanley Cup Finals – one that ended with perhaps the most memorable set of moments in NHL history.  The Los Angeles Kings, on the other hand, are just two years removed from their last appearance – an appearance that brought Hollywood its first Stanley Cup.  But now, the two are squaring off for sports’ ultimate trophy.

It’s the comeback kids versus the scrappy underdogs, it’s Broadway versus Hollywood and it’s Spike Lee versus Jack Nicholson – and the NHL captured that perfectly in a new trailer for the Finals.  Early Monday, the coolest game on ice released its yearly Stanley Cup Finals teaser and like most years, it’s well done.  In fact, this one is a doozy.  One minute and 17 seconds of hockey adrenaline.

The Rangers have the better goaltending, the Kings have the better defense and the scoring is pretty evenly matched – with the edge going to Los Angeles.  The Kings also have the home ice advantage. While the Las Vegas odds are certainly in the Kings’ favor – Rangers plus 150 – and if we’ve learned anything from this year’s journey, don’t count any team out.  So, let’s sit back, relax and enjoy what could turn out to be one of the best Stanley Cup Finals in recent memory.

Either way, it’s going to be a bigger East Coast-West Coast battle than Tupac and Biggie.  Let the games begin.


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