First Look: Thanos Annual # 1

After The Avengers feature film came out and Thanos made a cameo appearance at the end, Jim Starlin voiced his displeasure with Marvel. Sometime later, Marvel and Starlin came to an arrangement and the result is next month’s Thanos Annual # 1.
However, recent comments from Starlin about the use of Adam Warlock suggest that this may be one of the last times that Starlin revisits his iconic cosmic characters. I say “last times” because the annual is leading into an upcoming original graphic novel called Thanos: The Infinity Revelation.
Marvel has released the first few pages of Thanos Annual # 1, which reteams Starlin with his Infinity Gauntlet artist, Ron Lim as Thanos gets a rude surprise following his demise. Instead of the sweet embrace of Death herself, Thanos finds his old adversary, Mephisto waiting for him in the afterlife. And Mephisto isn’t the only one who wants to take down the Mad Titan for good. There’s even another version of Thanos himself!
Thanos Annual # 1 will hit comic stores on Wednesday, May 28.


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