Dante Exum Lands Adidas Deal Ahead Of NBA Draft

Australia’s next top NBA product Dante Exum has signed an endorsement deal before even being drafted to an NBA team.

A lock to be selected in the top 5 of the June’s NBA Draft, Adidas beat out a number of competitors to sign Exum to a long-term endorsement deal.

Much like the NBA teams that spent the last half regular season fighting over who could secure the most losses in order to land the No.1 pick, the race to land the Aussie teen was likely a fierce one. Exum’s contract likely didn’t top the $90 million, seven-year deal LeBron James signed before playing a single NBA game (or even Damien Lillard’s recent extension with the three-stripe giant alleged to be in the vicinity of $100 million, 10 years), but you can bet your last dollar that the 18-year-old Australian Institute of Sport product is no longer doing it tough.

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Adidas isn’t the only name Exum will be representing over the coming years- he has already signed a lucrative deal with trading card company Panini.

“I’m really excited to join the adidas family,” Exum said in a statement. “I’ve had the opportunity to play in adidas Nations in the past and I’ve always liked their shoes and gear. I look forward to what’s to come for me and adidas.”

The 6’6 point guard is currently preparing for the NBA Draft in Los Angeles with agent Rob Pelinka (Kobe Bryant). He will head into the Draft as least scouted of the all the star prospects- Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Julius Randle and Joel Embiid- after developing behind the closed doors of the prestigious AIS academy and only having played in a very small number of international tournaments under the eyes of NBA scouts.

Canadian Wiggins is still deciding upon a shoe deal, however is reportedly choosing between Adidas and Nike for a sum that could go as high as $180 million… 

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Graham Denholm: Getty Images


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