Blackstone And Hell On Wheels Top Alberta Film and Television Awards

Comedian Sean Cullen was the host to the 40th anniversary of the Alberta Film and Television Awards, affectionately known as the “Rosie Awards,” in Calgary this past Saturday night – shows like “Blackstone” and “Hell On Wheels” were the big winners of the evening.

“Blackstone,” which airs on APTN, took six awards, while AMC’s “Hell On Wheels” nabbed six. Actress Michelle Thrush, who won for outstanding actress playing Gail Stoney in “Blackstone,” told the Calgary Herald, “I’ve been in this business for close to 25 years working professionally as an actor, and I think we’re beyond the time to start casting aboriginal actors as just human beings. I am so tired every time there is a native character guest starring or a native character here or there they call us in. I want to come in an read for people who are just doing whatever and it has nothing to do with the culture I’m a part of. I’m an actress who just happens to be aboriginal.”

The Alberta Film & Television Awards is the annual gala for the Alberta industry, bringing together up to a thousand people to honour and celebrate the year’s best.

Photo: Blackstone/APTN