First Look: Cyclops # 1

Suppose for a moment, that you’re the young Cyclops who has been dragged from the earliest days of the X-Men into the present where nearly all of your friends hate you for killing your mentor, the world thinks that you’re a terrorist and the love of your life, Jean Grey can barely look at you.
So, when Scott Summers aka Cyclops, found out that his dad, Corsair was still alive and living as a space pirate with the Starjammers, is it any wonder that Cyclops would rather just go off on a father-son intergalactic road trip?
That’s the setup for Marvel’s Cyclops; which will be the first ongoing series for Scott Summers. The incoming Cyclops creative team of writer Greg Rucka and artist Russel Dauterman are spinning the book out of “The Trial of Jean Grey” as Scott Summers bonds with his father and finds his place in the universe while pissing off aliens with their antics. 
Marvel has released a first look at Cyclops # 1, which is hitting stores in May. And while there’s no dialogue included in these pages, Dauterman’s art is pretty impressive. 



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