First Look | Josh Brolin as Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’

It took months of searching, but when director David Leitch finally cast Josh Brolin as Cable in the upcoming Deadpool sequel, fans breathed a collective sigh of relief. Josh Brolin is not only a talented, Oscar-nominated actor but he looks suspiciously like the cyborg X-Man from the future, almost as though he popped right out of the comic book pages to co-star in Deadpool 2.

Today, we’re even more convinced that Josh Brolin was born to play Cable… or at least to cosplay as him. Ryan Reynolds tweeted not one, but two high-quality photographs of Josh Brolin in costume, in character, with the trademark glowing eye, and DAMN if he doesn’t look just like Cable. And since Brolin is an accomplished thespian, it seems pretty likely that Deadpool 2 is on the right track.

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Cable is, of course, the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey, who was infected with the techno-organic virus and sent to live in the distant future, where Cyclops and Jean Grey possessed the bodies of random people and raised Cable as their own for many years before going back in time and finishing out their honeymoon. Many years later, Cable would return to the present day to turn the idealistic New Mutants into X-Force, a militant offshoot of the X-Men who eventually fight Cable’s clone, Strife, who… you know what? It’s complicated. It’s just really, really complicated.

The dead serious Cable became the perfect comic foil for Deadpool when, after the cancellation of their solo comics, they teamed up for Deadpool & Cable in 2004. The comic’s celebrated run lasted 50 issues, and helped make Deadpool one of Marvel’s most popular characters, and kept Cable relevant many years after his extremely 1990s origin would have normally made him fade into nostalgia and/or obscurity.

We’ll see if that comedy chemistry translates to the big screen when Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters on June 1, 2018.

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