Exclusive Preview | Marvel’s ‘X-Men Blue’ # 8

The Secret Empire has arisen, and the young X-Men from the past have become revolutionaries against the new regime. But in the pages of X-Men Blue, their primary enemy is not Hydra, it’s the White Queen!

Even before the events of this story, Emma Frost was an outcast among mutants for orchestrating the war between the X-Men and the Inhumans. Now, thanks to a deal with Hydra, Emma Frost has declared most of California as New Tian, a homeland for mutants. Frost rules through her puppet, Xorn, and she sent several enhanced mutants after the young X-Men, including Cyclops’ brother, Havoc.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview from X-Men Blue # 8, Jean Grey and Jimmy Hudson recover from their wounds at Havoc’s hands. Fortunately for the X-Men, they have an unexpected ally who may help them save the team.

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Believe it or not, previous issues of this series had hinted that the A.I. on their new Blackbird was more than it seemed. The X-Men even guessed that it might have some kind of intelligence, but no one guessed that it had evolved so far.

This issue was written by Cullen Bunn, with art by Cory Smith, and a cover by Arthur Adams. Here’s the official description from Marvel Comics:

“SECRET EMPIRE TIE-IN! EMMA FROST! She’s back…and badder than ever.”

X-Men Blue # 8 will be released this Wednesday, July 26, in comic stores everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by Marvel Comics


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