Jimmy Fallon Pokes Fun At March Madness

Jimmy Fallon has come a long way since laughing during practically every SNL skit and now as host of NBC’s The Tonight Show, the comedian is proving to be the king of late night.  Whether it’s singing a doo-wop with Billy Joel, telling Kevin Bacon dancing is forbidden, or slinging Bill Cosby impressions, Fallon has pulled out all the stunts in his first few weeks in his new time slot.

And his latest victim is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Earlier this week Fallon did a segment he called Pros and Cons, in which, as the title suggests, he described one thing good about the March Madness tournament before hilariously describing one not so good thing about college sport’s biggest tournament. 

He takes shots at President Obama, Duke and even Creighton.  There are several that had us laughing out loud, continuing to prove Fallon is either a genius or has the best writers in late night – and that he’s taken the world by storm.  See for yourself:

Our personal favorite: “Pro: A low-seeded team that goes far in the tournament is known as a 'Cinderella.' Con: A high-seeded team that loses early is known as a 'Duke.’”