Canada Is Butt Of Jokes On Much’s Kroll Show

Kroll Show

American comedian Nick Kroll loves to poke fun at Canada on his show "Kroll Show" airing on MuchMusic – the season 2 finale will be broadcast tonight.

On the last episode of the season, Kroll parodies the Canuck teen soap "Degrassi" with the serialized sketch "Wheels, Ontario," about a plucky Saskatoon teen (Kroll) at a high school for students in wheelchairs. It also features "Get Out," a spoof of vintage Ontario ParticipACTION exercise commercials, as well as the talent-show sketch "Show Us Your Songs, Toronto" and a recurring Justin Bieber-esque character named Bryan LaCroix.

"There are so many things in comedy that feel like they've been explored entirely, and Canada doesn't feel like that," Kroll said in a recent telephone interview (Metroland News). "I think it's partly the fact that we're so close geographically and culturally and yet there is something so distinct between the two of us that you can really have fun with it. And honestly, I think Canadians have a very good sense of humour and it obviously translates to the amount of Canadians who've made the crossover into the U.S. in entertainment."

The "Kroll Show" wraps up its second season tonight at 10:30pm on MuchMusic.

Photo: Kroll Show