‘Big Mouth’ Season 3 Preview Promises Filthier, Full-Blown Hormones (Amongst Other Things)

Any Netflix junkie could easily know how hilariously depraved the raunchy prepubescent animated Big Mouth is, but what they may not know is that the new season could somehow actually be filthier than its two predecessors. While the first seasons teased the awkward introduction of pubic hair, penial curiosity and the occasional pillow-fuck, the third season of Nick Kroll’s ingenious masturbation-piece will feature (amongst other gratuitous things): full-blown hormones, cartoon masturbation (for girls, too) and the painful reality of wanting to get it on with your slightly older, hot cousin. The hormone monsters are in full swing and we’re jacked just thinking about the nostalgia of getting a boner in biology class for absolutely no reason at all. Check out the new season of the “coming of age (all over the place)”Big Mouth, streaming on October 4 on Netflix.

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Cover: Netflix



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