Whitney Cummings Quickly Answers All Your Sex Robot Questions in Netflix Special (Because She Has One of Herself)

The only way you’re going to learn everything about sex robots is through Whitney Cummings, and she got it straight from the sex robot mouth. That’s right, she knows so much about sex robots because, not only did she study them, she has one (of herself). In her new Netflix special Can I Touch It, Cummings touches on touching in the workplace, asshole feminists, gold-digging men and, our favorite, what to do when your sex robot wants to replace you (push it into the pool, duh). It’s all there in her new hour, where no one is safe, except breastfeeding women and dudes whose worst memory is finding out Santa Claus is really just their dad. Another worthwhile hour in a neverending parade of binge-worthy streaming.</div

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