Hawks Player Almost Misses Game Due To Earwax Buildup

Atlanta Hawks point guard Jeff Teague is so busy enjoying his breakout season in the NBA that he apparently doesn’t have time to take care of the little things anymore – like cleaning his ears.

Teague, who is averaging nearly 16 points and seven assists while also chipping in about a steal and a three-pointer per game, was in danger of missing Monday’s game against the Utah Jazz after he was forced to skip the team’s shoot-around to “have wax buildup removed from his ears.”

Apparently Teague had so much wax wadded up in there that he went deaf in his left ear during the team’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday.

“I couldn’t hear anything out of my left ear, at all,” Teague told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It hit me they day before we played Golden State. In L.A. I couldn’t hear anything. On the plane, it went crazy.”

After a doctor “removed a considerable amount of wax from both ears” Teague was good to go on Monday night in Utah and he had 14 points and six assists during Atlanta’s narrow 112-110 win over the Jazz.  “He got it out and now I can hear everything,” Teague said. “It’s like a miracle.”

Speaking of bodily fluid-related miracles, a Cincinnati cleaning lady may have been the recipient of a small one on Monday after Bengals safety George Iloka opted to spare her from, well, this:

Had he not held out, it’s not exactly brain surgery to figure out what the cleaning lady might have been dealing with in Iloka’s “big ol sh*t” thanks to a photo he uploaded to his Instagram on Sunday. Craisins would have likely been on the menu…

Two words for Mr. Iloka’s decision to abstain from ruining her: Straight Class.


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​Photo Credit: Getty