The World’s Best Breakfast: Which Country’s Morning Meal is Tops?

Well, actually, they do…but if you’ve got more than five minutes in your kitchen or you’re over 6 years old, breakfast should be a little more than that, right?

Thankfully, millions of people around the world have spent centuries refining the art of breakfast down to a science.  But since food artisans in each country usually come to different conclusions, that leaves us with a whole buncha answers to the overall breakfast question.

Do you go with an austere Russian morning kick-start like Kasha (basically, a milquetoast-dull type of porridge)?  Or do you pull out all the stops like the Scots and just start slapping exotic meat after exotic meat on the breakfast table? 

The fine folks at Thrillist decided to tackle the issue — and they’ve ranked 18 different traditional morning meals from a variety of nations.

And sorry, Americans — we didn’t even make the top 5.

Roll over to Thrillist to go over the entire list.



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