Watch: Skydiver Knocked Out 12,500 Feet in the Air

25-year-old skydiver James Lee experienced a terrifying brush with death while 12,500ft in the air – but has no memory of it at all.

Lee, who has been skydiving for five years, embarked upon his 1050th jump. But it was a jump that was nearly his last.

After jumping out of the plane, Lee was knocked unconscious by a fellow skydiver, who accidentally hit him from behind whilst going into a spin. Lee’s friends saw that he was in trouble and, after receiving no response when they tried to signal him, quickly grabbed a hold of him in order to ensure that he had a safe landing.

Speaking of the near-fatal experience, Lee said: “I am very glad that everything unfolded how it did. This is not something you are taught to do or practise for as it is very uncommon.

“I think my mum and girlfriend are more relieved than I am.”

Watch the video of Lee’s fall, courtesy of the Telegraph, below.


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