5 Shocking Moments Caught on Video

If you spent enough time on the internet, chances are you'll find something that either shocks, saddens and/or offends you. Fortunately, now you can be shocked, saddened and offended on one simple web page, as we've compiled 5 shocking videos for you right here.


Ahmed Dogan Assassination Attempt

Turkish party leader Ahmed Dogan was delivering a speech when 25-year-old Oktai Enimehmedov climbed the podium, before pointing a gun at Dogan's face and firing. Fortunately, the gun backfired, giving Dogan enough time to bat his attackers' arm away and wrestle him to the ground, where his burly security promptly took over proceedings. 


Interview with a Cannibal

In 1981, Issei Sagawa shot and killed Renee Hartevelt. He then proceeded to eat her flesh for three days. Alarmingly, in 1986 he was declared "sane, but evil" and released from prison a free man. His interview with Vice is, as you might imagine, horrifying. Watch it by clicking right here. You've been warned.


Flight 961 Crash

In 1996, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 was hijacked by three Ethiopians who were looking to seek asylum in Australia. The plane crashlanded in the Indian Ocean, killing 125 of its 175 passengers (including the hijackers), and is perhaps the most clear footage of a plane crash ever recorded. 


Suicidal Women Run into Traffic

The fact that both of these women survived is perhaps the most shocking part about this video.

Two Swedish twins sisters decided to attempt to take their lives into their own hands in 2008, running along the M16 and jumping in front of oncoming traffic. After the police apprehend the women, a camera crew captures the shocking moment when one of the sisters runs into the path of a lorry. 


78-Year-Old Man Hit By Car, No One Helps

A 78-year-old man was hit by a vehicle in Connecticut, sending him hurtling him into the air before landing on his back. However, despite lying unconscious in the centre of the road, traffic continued to pass him by while pedestrians simply stared at him from a distance. One witness said he "didn't feel comfortable" helping the injured man.