10 Hilariously Unhelpful Videos By HowToBasic

Need to know how to make sushi or solve a Rubik’s Cube? If you searched for those phrases in YouTube and ended up on a popular HowToBasic instructional video, your next search will probably be on how to filter HowToBasic from your search results. Here are 10 hilariously unhelpful videos by HowToBasic:


How To Twerk Like Miley Cyrus

Just in time for Thanksgiving!


How To Make Sushi

It truly is an art.


How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube

Notice the placement of the green squares.


How To Install GTA 5

Is… this one of the missions?


How To Correctly Serve A Watermelon

Seems legit.


How To Have Swag

This video will make a Belieber out of you.


How To Make Dubstep

Let the egg… drop.


How To Make An iPhone App

I actually have made an app, and yeah, that’s pretty much what the process is like.


How To Have Sex

Didn’t your parents ever tell you about the birds and the eggs and the dog toys?


How To Masturbate

Because that sex video wasn’t super helpful… Ah, and neither is this one.


Geoffrey Golden is the author of Frankenstein’s Girlfriend, a bestselling humor book on Amazon.