Super Bowl 2014: Denver Players Rent Hooters

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For anyone who has ever strapped on a set of shoulder pads, there is but one dream that stands higher than any — and that's winning a Super Bowl. So, when the moment arrives for those lucky few, of course you want to share it with as many family and friends as you can. The thing is, unless your name is Manning, it's not feasible to handle the many tickets needed to make this happen.

Enter option two, which for Denver Broncos defensive end Robert Ayers and safety Mike Adams, is putting some cash together and renting out a local Hooters restaurant in New Jersey where their friends and family can enjoy the game on the big screens while wolfing down some good grub.

"I figured they have good food and, you know … " a smiling Ayers told "It’s just a great sports bar and a nice place for our families to go enjoy the game."

First broke by TMZ Sports, this ingenious idea got me thinking of other possible spots to host a Super Bowl party.

Spots like:

PhinDeli Town Buford, Wyoming: This town holds the distinct honor of being the smallest town in the United States with a whopping population of one (yes, that's not a typo). This town party would be easily manageable, inexpensive and sure to not have the neighbors calling the cops if it got too rowdy!

The Cook County Jail in Cook County, Illinois: Cook County enjoys the honor of having the largest single site jail in the United States, housing upwards on 12,000 men and women at one time. With a resume of criminals such as Al Capone, Larry Hoover and John Wayne Gacy, all having enjoyed a stay, you can safely bet that this is the crème dela crème of jails and is the criminal place to be for this year's big game. Just don't hog the dip or you may get the shiv.

If jails and small towns aren't your thing then let me finish up by offering up a few themed restaurants that could probably be rented out if you have the cash.

The Magic Restroom Cafe (City of Industry, CA): A toilet themed restaurant where food looks like stuff that belongs in the toilet and is served in toilet bowl dishes.

The Trailer Park Lounge (Manhattan, New York): Want to feel like “white trash” while watching the game then this restaurant that cashes in on all those stereotypes is the place to go.

The Ninja Restaurant (Manhattan, New York): What gaming experience wouldn't be made better by waiters and restaurant staff dressed like ninjas periodically trying to scare you by jumping out of every nook and cranny? Trick question, ninjas make every game better!

Wherever you end up watching the game, just remember to have fun, respect the no double dipping rule on the dip bowl and if you are in Hackensack, NJ this Sunday evening, Hooters will be unavailable to you unless you have some friends on the Broncos defense.

James LeBeau is an avid fantasy sports participant and a sports contributor for CraveOnline Sports. You can follow him on twitter @LoboISbroke or “like” CraveOnline Sports on Facebook.

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